There’s No Leopard Like Snow Leopard by Giovanni ‘SPOZ’ Esposito

When I was five,

A while ago,

A man on the telly said

“Snow… leopard in jeopardy”

I said “Mom can I go…?

To jeopardy, to see the snow leopard-y?”

“No” said Mom “You’ve misunderstood

In jeopardy means ‘danger’,

It doesn’t sound good

For the snow leopard- in jeopardy.”

“But why’s he in danger?

Is he crossing the road?

Hasn’t he learnt to do the green cross code?

He needs his own crossing,

Like a zebra or pelican,

We need to tell people,

Like the man on the telly can.”

“No dear,” said Mom “it’s a bit worse than that,

The future looks bleak for the big snowy cat.

It’s out of our hands.

There’s not much we can do.”

But now you know

And I know

That just isn’t true.

Sometimes moms will say things

To keep us kids at bay.

Snow leopard-y in jeopardy?

We can change that today.


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