Africa’s Reflected Glory by Richard Bonfield

The Cheetah is all glide and guile

A knife

Slicing the buttery savannah

The sun with silver claws

Running on Apollo’s leash of light

Tearing up the raw and bleeding dawn

With fangs of smoking gold

With eyes of flaming umber

It hunts with its brothers in beauty

A dappled pack of amber stealth

Raiding the savannah’s leaping wealth

In swirling velvet unison

But it tires easily

It has no stomach for a fight

And – once wounded by its wide eyed struggling game

It swiftly returns to the fires from whence it came

But there are – sadly less natural ways to tame the morning

“Yes today for five thousand pounds

You can purchase the sun’s fur

And wrap yourself in Africa’s reflected glory

Yes today for a mere five thousand pounds

You can wear the stole of Kenya

And dance without a care

Now do I hear five or ah yes six thousand pounds

From you catwalk queens out there!”


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