An Elephant Never Forgets by David Barber

I am an orphan Elephant child,

they found me wandering in the wild.

alone, confused and terrified.

I was with my mother when she died.

She fell, ripped the air with a roar

shuddered a sigh and was no more.

They took from me with rifle gun

the one who sheltered me from sun,

who guarded me with all her might,

and kept me safe all through the night,

my earth mother my guiding light.

Then they came, in plundering cries

with white gold gleam, in frenzied eyes,

I ran and hid and watched afraid

and saw the wielding, flash of blade

cut her deep, wide open flayed.

They left her there, for those that fly

encircling above in the sky,

left me there lost, wandering wild

a helpless lone Elephant child.

But kind ones came and found me there,

who kept me safe and gave me care.

I’m still afraid, can’t quite trust yet,

the past haunts me, I can’t forget.


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