Headline: The Lion King; 20 years of roaring success by Elaine C Christie

The papers say, for years fans have been thrilled again and again

at Disney’s The Lion King.

Yet in Africa lion numbers have dwindled so severely,

they may be eradicated in just ten years.

Strange that they care more for a hand drawing a squiggle,

The moving finger that never caught their true majesty and beauty.

People fell in love with a sketch, a cartoon

The stardust and fakery of Hollywood,

Tinsel town’s technicolor tomfoolery.

The puppeteers painted dummy,

An exuberant animation.

What influence or message do they take from this?

None that I can see,

There is no nobility, integrity or a conservation vision.

What the hand has learned –

Is to flog it for all it’s worth,

And perhaps another bogglingly bright computer simulation,

Another sickly sweet illusion

will bring in big bucks

and delight its clapperboard audience,

But will do nothing for lions.


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